Conservation Areas and Open Space

Bald eagle

According to an agreement with the St Johns Water Management District, the seven conservation areas within Legacy of Leesburg must remain in their natural condition for the enjoyment of the residents of the community. The total area of these conservation easements is over 125 acres, most of it being wetlands and natural ponds, ideal locations for a variety of wildlife. There is also a common uplands area with trees and scrub, ideal for a variety of birds and other wildlife.

Sandhill crane chick

Birds sighted within the community include Florida srub jay, sandhill cranes,a pair of whooping cranes, bald eagles, great blue herons, great egrets, wood storks, little blue herons, tricolored heron, meadow larks, bob whites, white ibis, and a variety of ducks. A bobcat has been seen at various times in the community. Of course, alligators are present in several of the ponds and water retention areas. Coyotes and a Florida fox have also been sighted.

Houses located along some of the conservation areas and open space are ideal locations for residents to have a close-up nature seat right on their screened lanai–even watch a Florida softshell turtle lay its eggs.

Obtain an invitation to see one of the houses for sale and request the home owner to give a tour of our great open-space community.

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