58 Acres Conservation

This largest conservation easement within Legacy of Leesburg is on the eastern side of the community. It is bordered generally by Illumination Lane, Meandering Trails Boulevard, and the northeastern section of the community. The eastern boundary of the conservation easement borders on Highland Lakes, an active adult community previously built by Pringle Development.

The picture below shows part of the conservation area from Meandering Trails Boulevard near Illumination Lane. The distant homes are part of Highland Lakes community, another gated adult community.

58-acre Wetlands

The photo below is another section of the large conservation area, also seen from a different location along Meandering Trials Boulevard, a private boulevard with Legacy of Leesburg. The custom homes on the left are part of a more recent section of legacy of Leesburg, all with a great view bordering the wetlands.

Wetlands from Meandering trails

The section of the community seen above continues around the wetlands to the far side where the picture below shows a different pond within the same large conservation area.  All of the homes visible are within Legacy of Leesburg.

Houses on far side of wetlands

Hognose snake

Not always the most pleasant creatures, but snakes are known to exist in the area; it is Florida. This hognose snake was seen on the border of the conservation easement. It is an interesting non-venomous snake which spreads out its neck when frightened; it also will play dead rather than flee danger.  This picture was taken while the snake waited to relax and move away. The picture was taken at a relatively short distance

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